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Monday, January 26, 2015

expectations of/from self

Me at about age 4. Cute as a button!
I'm not the person I thought I would grow into you know.
Where is the happy, strongly independent woman I should have been, I thought I would have been? The same woman who should have been successful with no worries about money, health or guilt(for numerous reasons)?

Married 1983 ~ Happy and so much hope and potential for a an exciting life ahead. Thankfully we're still together. His story is his own.

As I sit here only a few weeks away from turning 59 I just feel tired, beaten, sad and stuck without any idea where I'm going. For some time I've been watching time get away from me, very quickly, and I find that quite scary! I have become very apathetic and 'just don't feel like it' or 'just don't want to do it!'
Perhaps it has a bit to do with this appalling heat we're having here where I live in south east Queensland this summer. Well, at this point of time anyway. It just seems to suck all the energy and motivation right out of me! I'm also still having flushes from the hormone unbalance that comes with menopause, and though I once loved the hot sunny weather when I was younger, I'm finding it so very hard to cope with these days. Have you noticed that you're finding everything harder the older you get, if you feel behind the 8 ball?! Whoo! I know I have! :)

I feel there are a number of reasons for feeling/being who I am today. Emotional upheaval from menopause, above mentioned hot climate, being stuck in noisy suburbia amongst others a wee bit too personal to mention.

A couple of weeks ago I had a moment where I thought to myself "I DO NOT want to live the rest of my life feeling this bad!"
So I decided to change some things in my life ~ my way of eating, make a vision board, stop beating myself up for things that aren't done(work in progress!!), try to do a bit more exercise(working on that too!), reading and doing more about good health and feeling happier. Hoping to add more good things, inspiration, to this list. Let go of some things, some ideas and ideals. Try new things, find another path.

Dishfunctional Designs: inspiration
Pinned from

If only this heat and/or the hot flushing would let up I might get there faster!  :)
I've tried changes before but they never stayed, always I let something get in the way. But I feel my resolve this time is stronger and I feel better about it all this time. Why am I publishing this for the whole world to read? I don't know really.....maybe something about putting it down on paper/in writing, so to speak, that might help move it along? and as I've seen other bloggers put it, I'll hopefully feel more committed to succeeding so I don't look or feel like a complete doofus!? lol

Meanwhile I am really enjoying all the tasty green smoothies for breakfast in my quest to add much more green plant life to my diet. In times of less stress and less heat I play around with some very yummy recipes that I find on the foodie blogs I've started following. Gluten free, vegan, even raw dishes, no processed foods!

Cilantro Spinach Sweet Potato Soup ~ My New Roots even my husband enjoyed this bowl of lush green gorgeousness!  :)

Here's to much more energy and happy in my life!

The trouble is, you think you have time.  ~  Buddha

Monday, November 24, 2014

A sweet tutorial and a few things I've been making

I found a lovely little mixed media and fabric collage tutorial on one of my most fav blogs Apple and Apricot. The owner of this blog is Wendy and she is one of the most generous and kindhearted people I've met online! 
Anyhoo I decided to give it a try. Most of you probably know that I already dabble in these sort of collages but Wendy had built hers up onto a smallish stretched canvas board which she had painted very nicely around the outside border.

I usually make mine on thick fabric backings so I thought I'd like to try it coz I loved how her's looked with the paint surrounding the collage. Wendy used a very gorgeous image of a painting from the 1700's and she very kindly posted the image for us to use. But as I only had some very small 4x4" boards on hand I decided to do 3 in a Sisters theme as I already had some beautiful graphics from Gail over at Shabby Cottage Studio. ( might now be wondering where the 3rd is? Ha! Never got to it!)  :)

I think I ended up using too much paint though, but still, I like the finished look. Not sure whether they will hang, as Wendy's does or be used as book covers or something!! It will be a big surprise, even to moi! 
Thanks Wendy!  ♥

I've been on a circus bent of late. Not that I've got many pieces finished to show for it but I have a few more in various stages of progress.

Cirque de Paris
Bit of a challenge was this one, but I enjoyed the process. There was a lot of graphics printing out and much glueing being done on and around the large wooden block that I started out with!  :)
The cute guy on top was printed on canvas paper, sewn around and lightly stuffed. Very pleased with him. He might make a great tutorial one day actually, but maybe printed on fabric and attached to a stick, stuck into a much smaller block with simple graphics. Any thoughts welcome!  :)

This is happy fun piece made with four different clowns on the four sides. I found it fun to mix the bodies up to see how it looked. I used 4cm blocks for this one and a moulded plastic piece for the umbrella/Big Top.

This piece was made in basically the same way as the stack of clowns. I'm loving the wee pinkeep in the vintage metal thimble that I made up for the vignette on top! Again, four different dress forms/mannequins.

The ballet slippers were just a fun thing I wanted to do after I saw some gorgeous pins on Pinterest of toddlers or babies in vintage baby shoes/boots!
I remembered I had these old slippers and thought they'd look sweet with an older girl inside them.
I've already sold the pink one! Noice!

That's enough for this post I think. Don't want to swamp you!
I'll show you another circus piece, a boat and a steampunk heart next time.  :)

I smile because you're my sister, I laugh because you can't do anything about it! ~ Unknown

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